What Your Trust Can Truly Do
Nine Tips for Maximizing the Impact of your TrustBy: David R. Foster, JD, AEP, CLU, ChFC, CAP, FLMI Trusts are commonly used as an effective means of managing, protecting and transferring a family’s financial wealth. But like so many things in life, you only get out of it what you put into it. Trusts should
Investment Returns After Major Market Sell-Off
History, Repeat Yourself Already!By: Ryan Johnson, AAMS® and Joseph Calhoun, CFP® It is certainly not fun to watch investments fall but history tells us that they always will at some point. Nobody knows when, why, or how much – what we do know, though, is that they will eventually go higher, if history is any
Financial Challenges When Raising Children with Special Needs
Common financial issues and strategies to address the need for supports, resources, and annual planning All children have their own unique personalities, character traits, gifts, and limitations. As parents we find joy in their unique personalities, embrace certain character traits and refine others. We help to cultivate their gifts and help them overcome their limitations.