The phrase “Special Needs Planning” carries about as many stereotypes as the title “Financial Advisor”.  Many consider Special Needs Planning to be a task for parents of children with disabilities, or the establishment of a special needs trust, or determining caregivers in a Letter of Intent; however, we believe proper Special Needs Planning covers many people, resources, financial plans, legal tools, insurance strategies, all with a shared objective of quality wealth management while providing care for a loved one.

At Symphonic, we have adopted the term “Wealth Care” as our approach to people who provide care for anyone that needs it, young or old, that shares a reverberating theme: It takes a team.  We are not a one stop shop for anything; rather, a non-family professional team member playing a role in family life, resource, financial, legal, and legacy planning.

Our approach to Financial Planning mirrors the CFP® Board’s approach; however, with wealth care clients, there are more unique, specialist, non-family professional needs, which we intend to deliver on.  Our team of Financial Advisors has the specialty to understand your circumstances and design a plan unique to them.  Our Wealth Care clients commonly need at least 2 Financial Plans, one for the individuals providing care and raising a family with their own financial goals, and a separate plan that reflects the individual who may not be 100% capable of completing their own financial plan.  We take a deep dive into the details of your family dynamic, your life plan objectives, your financial resources and supports, and your ideal vision of multi-generational care to determine an ever-evolving financial need estimate.  The financial need estimate tells you what you need to provide for your loved one in the event of loss, death, disability, retirement, etc.  We then identify the appropriate investment, estate, insurance, and personnel solutions to achieve these over an attainable timeline, and provide implementation and review services as your family grows.

We see the “Wealth Care” market in Kansas City as an under served community that greatly benefits from our independent, transparent approach to comprehensive wealth management and financial planning.  To enquire about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Chartered Special Needs Consultant, Dean Russell ( or our Certified Financial Planner®, Joe Calhoun (

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